Target Motivation can offer several proposals for location, depending on the typology of your event: from the Dinner Gala to the Product Launch, concerts, congresses etc.



Here are some examples of structures we can privatize for you:


  1. Private Concert at an Ancient Church
    Private concert at a Church built in 1084 with an ensemble of 8 musicians ( violins, violas, cello, double bass and harpsichord).
  1. Private Gala Dinner with Carnival Theme at an old and rich Palace
    At one of the most residential areas of Venice, protected by tall and ancient walls, there are the richest palaces of the city. The actual appearance of one of these palaces, consisting of a main building and other smaller bodies, dates back to the end of the 13th century. A private Gala Dinner will be served in this ancient palace and guests will wear traditional Venetian costumes.
  1. Old functional buildings for Automotive Product Launch
    Old buildings just facing Saint Mark’s Square, palaces with open space, with their 8 meters high ceiling and paved floor, are the ideal place for special events, like automotive product launch.
  1. Privatized Museums for exclusive events
    Some museums can be privated to make your event unique and eclusive, from a fashion runway to a product launch. The various sections of the museums offer fascinating insights into the Art and History of Venice.

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