Venice with its charm is a city with thousand different faces, keeper of natural, artistic and traditional treasures.

Target Motivation can offer you several possibilities in terms of team buildings, attractions, activities to do in Venice, giving the opportunity of living the city in a different and authentic way.

Here are some activity proposals, all are customizable and tailor-made upon customer’s request.



The excellence of glass in Murano, between modern design and tradition

Guests can discover the historical roots of art and glass industry in Murano. This is a school of excellence to learn the culture and techniques of glass production Through the involvement of glassmasters, artists, artisans, professionals and some of the most prestigious Venetian institutions, the building became a laboratory, a meeting point and cultural exchange internationally. There will be a series of activities divided into 3 rotating moments, which are focused on three simultaneous workshops (furnace, lumina and glass fusion) along with a projection of a video about history and about the glass techniques. During these activities, participants may approach the glassware in some cases, for example by trying to blow in the furnace or, in the case of the lumen or glass fusion, try to handle the glass, or simply attend engaging demonstrations.

cruise in venice

One day cruise in Venice Lagoon with a chef on board

A unique chance to embark on a privileged journey through one of the greatest historical and cultural regions of Italy. Travelling with specially adapted traditional boats, we experience the very best gastronomy and his-torical insight into the area, reflecting its true cultural essence. We finish by cruising the magical expanses and islands of the Venetian lagoon, the perfect end to a comprehensive tour which offers a peerless insight to the cultural and natural phenomenon known as the Venetian Lagoon.

Venetian eighteenth-century

The magnificence of the Venetian eighteenth-century, Venetian art and mask

Visit Ca ‘Rezzonico. It is one of the most fascinating Venetian museums. Overlooking the Grand Canal, it features 18th-century Venetian furnishings, paintings and sculptures. Demonstration of masks Ca ‘Macana. Ca ‘Macana is one of the oldest laboratories in Venice. Born in the ’80s, Ca’ Macana’s business has evolved and diversified over time, up to the creation of works for scenografy, interior architecture, and the disclosure of everything about masks: the history and the technique of realization.

Venetian Rowing

Venetian rowing differs from the usual style in that the oarsman stands, faces forwards and rests his oars in special oarlocks. It is a pleasant rowing style not only because it allows you to see where you are going, but because it is extremely efficient. This activity aims at giving people an insight into the evolution of Venetian rowing, from the height of the Venetian Republic in the 1700’s to the present day in which it is practiced as a highly competitive sport, and through the classic gondola ride that has become a “MUST”.

Treasure Hunt : Looking for the DOGE

It is a dynamic game among the most popular as well as hidden and breathtaking places in Venice. Participants will be divided into teams and each team will have a different itinerary (each group will receive a map and a roadbook). At each stop (indicated in the map) participants will find entertainers and actors in Venetian costumes, they will be involved with various skill tests (eg. sing with a gondolier, solve riddles etc.) to get more clues to continue the game. The aim of the game will be to find the Venetian Doge. This game enables you to interact with the city and the Venetian art, cinema, history and traditions.

Cooking class presso Relais Alberti

The cooking classes change accordingly to the season: we will take you to a vegetable garden to pick up the fresh and 100% organic ingredients to prepare seasoned aromatic salts, fruit preserves and jams, pesto or tomato sauce.

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