Castles, old Villas and Palaces, Design Architectures: Target Motivation wants to offer the perfect venue for your event, studying every project step by step and finding the best place that fit your plan.

best locations in rome


  • Historical Venues
    Venues located in the heart of Rome, a few steps from the city centre, represent ideal places to combine the opportunities to meet and work discovering the amazing historical, artistic and architectural sites.
    For example an ancient hospital of the XII century and arised on the ruins of an old Schola. During the Renaissance the complex was decorated by the major Italian painters, becoming one of the most important hospital in Europe.
  • Palaces and Villas
    Palaces and Villas located in the heart of Rome, where many important families of Ancient Rome had their villas and gardens. They are one of the most fascinating places of the capital, where itโ€™s possible to admire a wonderful view of Rome. Inside there are wonderfully decorated rooms, whose beautiful frescoes have been recently restored and brought back to their original splendor. The natural beauty of the sites, the wondrous view, the wood that surrounds and envelops this venue, all these elements create a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Castles
    Situated in the city or just a short distance from Rome, in age-old parks adorned with many fountains, these ancient residences are the perfect locationa for private events, conventions, and cultural events.
    Great artists were inspired by these spots and often portrayed them in their famous landscape paintings, thanks to their natural configuration.
  • Contemporary Venues
    Examples of contemporary creativity and designed as multidisciplinary centres for experimentation, innovation in the arts and architecture.
    This new sights of the city capture the attention of public and national and international media, thanks to the renowned architects that designed them; they bring harmony to the austere and classic lines of yesterday with today’s modern and futuristic ones. An architecture that shows its age in its magnificence, highlighting how the Eternal City is able to produce modern facilities in perfect harmony with those of the past and thus emphasizing its value.
    The spaces can accommodate meetings and conferences, business presentations, film screenings, private dinners and cocktails.


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