A mix of ruins, arts, culture: with its picturesque streets Rome is one of the most romantic and inspiring cities of the world!
There are aspects of Rome that are much better felt than described, this is why we propose different activities and experiences in this magic city.
We want to let you visit the “Eternal Charm of the Ancient Rome” in an authentic and exclusive way.


movie making roma


Acting in Rome – Movie Making

This activity can have different possibilities for game structure: Game is inspired to one movie or different ones played in Rome, for examples Angels & Daemons, Vacanze Romane, etc. The group will be divided in 6 smaller groups and each team will start performing and acting helped by our staff on the most famous scenes of the popular movies played in Rome. A camera will be provided to record/shoot the game and the movie can also be played during the Farewell dinner.


Running tour in Villa Borghese

This is a running tour that lets you discover Villa Borghese in a different point of view. You will pass through Galleria Borghese, the Secret Garden and the aviary; the Temple of Esculapio and the Garden with the lake. Then you will have the opportunity of see the Sea Hore Fountain and Pincio with view on Piazza del Popolo and Casina Valadier.

Tasting of Italian wine and beer at Eataly

Tasting of Italian wine and beer at Eataly

Eataly is born with the intent to disprove the assertion that quality products can be available only to a privileged few , because often expensive or difficult to obtain. The brand brings together a group of small companies operating in various sectors of the food and wine from the famous pasta of durum wheat pasta Gragnano the Langhe , the water of the Maritime Alps of Piedmont wine from Piedmont and Veneto , the oil of the Riviera of Ponente Ligure, Piedmontese beef , and even meats and cheeses of the Italian Piedmont tradition . Eataly therefore proposes the best artisan products at bargain prices approachable , reducing bone the distribution chain of products and creating a relationship of direct contact between the producer and the distributor end , skipping several intermediate links in the chain. With this activity you can taste Italian wine and beer made by artisan with typical and healthy products.

cooking class gambero rosso

Cooking classes at the Gambero Rosso

Its five floors—5,000 square meters plus 2,500meters of terrace—are dedicated to exploring the vast universe of food and wine. Gambero Rosso’s Città del gusto is a gigantic multimedia machine with space for television studios, both a cooking theatre and a wine theater, workshops, classrooms and a specialized store. THE COOKING THEATER: an amphitheater decorated like a 19th century theater, is one of the trademark spaces of the Città del gusto. From time to time, the best Italian and European chefs come to cook for 80 spectators seated in the amphitheater. THE WINE THEATER: participants learn about wine by comparing them and from conversations between the audience and visiting experts—among them the greatest producers, enologists and winemakers from all over the world. FOOD AND WINE RELATED INSTRUCTION: is one of the Città’s key activities. The catalogue includes a wide variety of courses and spotlights some of the most important names in gastronomy and enology in Italy and Europe.

Become a Gladiator for a day

Become a Gladiator for a day

Structured as a true school, it provides an articulated and precise course program with a theoretical part, consisting of lessons on the history of gladiators, and a practical part during which, after a first part of physical training, people learn the movements and positions of both attack and defense to be held during the fighting.


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