Lombard cuisine has much variety and every city and part of the region offers its own specialities.
Target Motivation can offer you different proposals of restaurants in Milan, letting you discover the gastronomy of the territory in the best and where the chef selects the freshest seasonal ingredients to enhance the typical Italian flavors with a touch of innovative gourmet.


restaurant milan


  • Modern Restaurants
    Restaurants with modern and sophisticated furnishing, dominated by the warm land colors and of burnt lands, enriched with precious tones.
    It is the evening the perfect time to enjoy the city as sunset gives exclusive lighting that surrounds each table, creating a refined and special atmosphere.
  • Restaurant with jazz music on the boat on Navigli
    A concert every evening from the rock to blues, the Jazz dance. The restaurant is well grounded on culture-show binomial, proposing it as multi- sensorial service centre. It has Italian cuisine and contemporary style, located in the city centre.
  • Exclusive and VIP restaurant
    Location of a famous fashion designer, is a reference point for the city of Milan for elite events, corporate parties, a perfect proposal for an unforgettable night in the club or simply for an aperitif.
    Selected ingredients and labels of excellence for a supreme quality cuisine where the chef rather than a cook, is a couturier of taste. Who embroiders, dish after dish, a rich à la carte menu of international specialties and recipes of the highest Italian tradition.
  • Michelin Star Cuisine
    The most awarded restaurant in Milan, the chef has received the prestigious two Michelin star award and is 71st in San Pellegrino’s 100 best restaurants awards.
    The chef is actively updating Milanese cuisine. Sample his renowned egg yolk spaghetti with garlic, olive oil and chili or black cod glazed with honey, coffee and broccoli. Expect these dishes to be well accompanied with the finest wines as this restaurant’s sommelier was selected as best sommelier in the world in 2010 according to Worldwide Sommelier Association.


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