A great event requires a great location and we are able to fit your event in the best location of Milan.
Thanks to our experience, we can offer several proposals depending on the type of event and the number of participants, from an old palace to modern and contemporary venues.


locations in milan


  • Open space venus for product launch
    Retrò glamour, vanguard style, architectural renovation of buildings once used to build airplanes, multi-functional location: if you are thinking about large spaces or multi-purpose area, unique for the used materials and for the design, with us you can find the perfect solution for your event. From a product launch to concert and business events.
  • Historial Palaces and Villas
    Ideal venues for Dinner Gala, these ancient Palaces and Villas are built in 1900 and derives from a harmonious fusion among architecture, decorative arts, furniture and works of art.
    Absolutely unique locations, large and of particular architectural value, in sumptuous old buildings in the heart of the historic center of Milan. And they still retain the charm of the environments featuring marble columns and high ceilings and a distinctive decor.
  • The party in the church
    One of the coolest clubs in Milan is in a deconsecrated 19th-century church based on New York’s Avalon club and it is similarly a temple to the boogie. The church structure is decorated like a sumptuous Sicilian palazzo, with a neo-classical crystal chandelier the size of a small house, and ornate cream chaises longues. In fact the whole club is pure cream.
  • Terrace with panoramic view
    Charming decor with designer pieces and open kitchen with a large crystal glass are the features you find at terraces in Milan, a dining space designed to make pleasant and challenging your stop in the city.
    They are an observatory on the capital of elegance and culture. It’s not just a matter of overview: it’s an ever-measured and sought-after style, typically “Made in Milan”.

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