Milan is a city where past and future meets together to create a metropolis that pulse with creative energy.
In Milan you never be bored because it offers several proposals in terms of activity and we are able to take the best and let you discover the city in a unique way.

Target Motivation will surprise you and your guests: you can experience the sports world, like football very famous and followed in Italy, to team games and cooking classes.

But not only Milan, you can have the opportunity to discover the contryside and try exclusive experiences in Como and Lake Maggiore.

Here some activities that we can propose you:


Eataly Cooking Class

Eataly Cooking Class

The team cooking is a special exercise that teach to work together like a team. Expert Chefs will help the guest in this practice. The aim of each team is to cook a series of typical Italian dishes: PASTA, TAGLIATELLE, RAVIOLI, TORTELLINI AND CAKES. For example: kned the dough of pasta using the rolling pin for the pasta, cut the flacky pastry for Tagliatelle, cut the flacky pastry for Ravioli.

Como Handcraft Excellencies

Como Handcraft Excellencies – A Stroll on the silk

The origins of silk spinning in Como date back to the sixteenth century, but in the late nineteenth century the textile industry acquired overwhelming importance to become the primary economic resource for the Como area. This tour includes a stroll in the city center and a visit in a local silk factory. The silk journey cannot fail to lead to a little shopping and ends with a visit to the historic silk shops located in the city center, with outlet stores also on the outskirts where the creations of the finest international designers are displayed.

Unconventional Triathlon Milan

Unconventional Triathlon

Group will be divided in 3 large groups of 2/3 teams. Each activity will take about 30 minutes, and on rotation each team will have to compete against other teams on all different activities. Here a list of different challenges: DRAGON BOAT: Teams compete in dragon boats, crew of up to 13 people sit in pairs and paddle to compete in multiple timed races over distances TIRAMISU: The teams have to prepare the most delicious – and most beautiful – Tiramisu! BIKING: teams compete by biking up and down obstacles, it’s a race against time

Corporate Orchestra Milan

Corporate Orchestra

The magic of music and the immediacy of language create rhythmic harmony, participation and emotional contact between team members, promoting an awareness of the fundamental principles as empathy, listening, communication and leadership. Starting with musical skills almost nonexistent, the team will reach an outcome unthinkable at the beginning of the event: to create an orchestra rhythm quickly. All participants will be accompanied in this experience from a conductor, as a principal conductor, assisted by highly qualified trainers. Each participant will be assigned a role and instruments,like  Boomwhackers (sound tubes) for initial heating phase, bass drums (dun dun African & surdo), hand-drums (djembe, congas & darbouka), bells, shakers.

Create your Fashion Showy

Create your Fashion Showy

With this experience guests will meet the glamorous world of fashion: the team will be screened in this new environment and may feel the pressures and stress characteristics of the preparation time for the runway. Members of each team will take care of the “style” and will receive a very specific task. Each team will be tasked to design, develop and bring on the catwalk their creations.

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