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I AM CAME, Event concept

I AM CAME is a global project that involved all CAME offices around the world, under a single umbrella concept: I AM.

I AM is a format completely open to the people who create the quality, expertise, brilliance and strength of the CAME brand every day.

It is essential to be able to recognise yourself in your work, and CAME did just that, inviting its employees to feel the strength of the brand.

To lay all these concepts out on the table, we started with the pre-teaser phase, which involved sending out communication introducing the project, and therefore the resulting event. This phase was followed by the teaser, in which we presented the people in the CAME team. I am: Lisa, Francesco, John, and so on for everyone in the group.

All stories that tell of life experiences, passions, and the things that have made them who they are.

Starting with a manifesto, we inspired people to tell us their story.

I am a person and I am part of CAME. Or rather, I am

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Sappiamo ascoltare. Trasformiamo le tue idee in realtà. Rispettiamo la brand identity aziendale ma se possiamo, osiamo per te: siamo quelli del chilometro lanciato in laguna a Venezia e poi quelli che, in una splendida location, hanno fatto sfilare un autotreno con modelle a bordo lungo un catwalk. Ne abbiamo fatte tante insieme ai nostri clienti: chiedici un supporto

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