EVENT: the exact moment in time that marks a watershed in a company’s history. An emotional experience that inscribes a vision in people’s memories, passionately conveys an idea, or shares the beauty of a dream.
Unique, unforgettable, spectacular moments, but also planned and executed in the most minute detail.

For us at Target Motivation this is what an event represents. We have been organising them since 1985 – studying them, conceiving them. Our enthusiasm helps plan them, our precision helps realise them. In Italy and abroad. Leaving nothing to chance, not even what might seem unplanned.

A perfect cocktail of creativity and organisation with just one goal: to shine the spotlight on a brand, a working group, or a project. From congresses to incentive schemes, from product launches to gala dinners, from team building exercises to exhibitions, from guerrilla marketing campaigns to flash mobs.

Each event reflects months of hard work, but also the 30+ years of experience chalked up by our team of professionals in the field of international event management. They are project managers, designers, logistics experts, copywriters, art directors, set fitters: a network of people that can be built up and shaped to tailor the construction of each event, within set timeframes and budgets. Truly covering every detail: from the idea to its communication, from transport to selling tickets…
A team which is moulded to always guarantee the same result: a memorable experience.

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