Making every event literally unforgettable is a goal we also pursue through the professional services of photographers and video makers who collaborate in a creative sense to tell the story of characters, ideas and key moments.
Our team of professionals is available to capture every detail of your event, both for a product launch, a convention, an incentive or a team building. All respecting and following the guidelines of the brand, creating images of strong impact.

We perform emotional videos for the communication of a product or to be reproduced during an internal meeting to motivate the public and give a sense of belonging to the company. We do everything internal: from directing to editing, taking care of all the stages of shooting and post production.

We use the latest technology to suit every type of request, providing a high quality service and proposing innovative formats, using photography as a tool for interaction with the public. For example, through the use of Photo Booth, a workstation in which a camera installed on a motorized track is able to take 3 photos at different heights. The system startup command is transferred via a tablet only after a user has registered. At the end of the run the system processes the pictures just acquired in a preset layout and composes them together to send them to the user via email.

The use of drones with 4K camera allow us to shoot with “aerial view” of a specific area of ​​interest, sending images in real time on the ground, transmitted on the screen so that everyone can see.