In a very competitive market such as that of event production, for us at Target Motivation technology has always been an important tool to stand out from the crowd. From the cutting-edge of video projection to the trialling of virtual or augmented reality, the goal is to create that “wow” effect which makes the public’s experience of the brand unforgettable, establishing new communication channels.

Here are some examples of new technologies that have been used during our events:

1. Holo screens
Holographic screens allow the use of glass as a tool for checking and reading the presentation.
The speaker in front of the users not only continues to maintain eye contact with them, but as if he were touching buttons suspended in the air, he can control the presentation that is shown on the big screen behind him.

2.Gesture Control
Another extremely innovative approach to presentation is to provide speakers with a wearable device that, through the use of gestures, without any need for physical controllers such as screens or music stands, can control the presentation.
Wearables are now considered the devices of the future. Thinking of being able to manage PPT presentations without using a mouse and keyboard, but only with the movement of the arms, like an orchestral conductor, is certainly an expository mode with a strong emotional and visual impact.

3. Transparent screens for product display
Through the use of transparent display cases that become real windows on display, it is possible to create particularly interesting and impact corners. The products placed inside the case are invisible until the product reveals. Also used in touch mode in various fairs and exhibitions, it is an innovative way and particularly useful for increasing information storage.

The holographic display allows you to view objects or graphics inside as if suspended in space. This technology, as well as for transparent screens, allows using a different type of communication from traditional screens.
An object, real or virtual, placed inside the holographic display comes to life.

5.Virtual Reality
We develop applications for Gear VR and Oculus Rift using the development platform for
the interactive 3D UNITY, for gamification and augmented reality solutions.

Video mapping is a multimedia technology that allows you to project light or video on real surfaces, in order to obtain an artistic effect and some unusual movements on the surfaces involved.