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Target Motivation, Italian DMC and PCO is a solid and strong partner with a network incorporating offices in most of the European countries. We are specialized in organizing corporate events, incentive trips, business meeting, Team Building, roadshow, fashion show, sales network meeting, motivational incentive, convention, congresses, product launches, team building, big events, anniversaries, special interest tours, cultural visits… Rich programmes in which you combine leisure, art and fun.


The organizing secretariat is able to perfectly wire their relationship with the client, regardless of their type. From inviting participants to the final recall and designing communications plans, including graphics and print material, booking hotels and aeroplanes for transfers, Target Motivation has the ability to manage all needs and requirements acting as a single point of reference – without any other interlocutors and intermediaries.


Thanks to preferential relationships built over time with the most popular and important service providers in the sector, both in Italy and around the world, Target Motivation boasts a five-star purchase department. In the hands of a single representative who uses a network of high-level businesses, the client is conscious they can receive the appropriate solution for their request, obtaining it at a fee which is really competitive in the market, with regards to the choice of congress sites,hostess recruitment, stand and stage mounting, transport services, transfers, tourist guides and organisation of entertainment.


We applied as Italian CME provider (Continuing Medical Education) n. 1346 registered with the National Institutes of Health. We have long-lasting collaborations with Scientific Medical Associations, Universities, Research Institutes, Hospitals, Doctors and Opinion Leaders and we figure as supplier of the leading pharmaceutical companies on a national and international level. As CME provider company we organize monosponsor or multisponsor courses, taking care of every aspects with a particular attention to details.



Thanks to our consolidated experience we are able to create and manage “one-off” programs, always focused on proposing the best and most adequate solutions for all clients. Our services:


TAM has decided to integrate its staff with a graphics and communications department to guarantee an even wider and complete offer of services. From design and development of communication and image strategies to event claiming, down to rendering and preparation of advertising campaigns. But also invites, information and advertising leaflets, banners, roll-ups, posters, stage design, stands, trade show set-up and all that can be summarised under the broad term of publishing. The graphics and communications department also allows to produce all bespoke merchandising for the single event, and gifts and catalogues related to marketing campaigns and contests created by large retailers, becoming the GDO's (Large Retailers Organisation) global marketing support offering any type of marketing service.


TAM will organise it down to the smallest details, from stand design to the final set-up, down to hotel booking and managing ticket, logistics and transfer services. Even the hostess service included, with a team which boasts multi-year and multilingual experience, able to give assistance not only during trade shows but for any type of activity.



Main Office: Venice

Branch Offices: Milan, Rome, Florence

TAM EVENTS NET: FRANCIA - Parigi FINLANDIA - Helsinki GERMANIA - Berlino and Monaco REP. CECA – Praga UK – Londra TURCHIA – Istanbul NETHERLANDS - Amsterdam POLONIA – Cracovia MALTA – Valletta GRECIA - Atene RUSSIA – S. Pietroburgo NORD AMERICA – New York SUDAFRICA – Cape Town EMIRATI ARABI - Dubai INDIA – Nuova Delhi AUSTRALIA – Melbourne CINA - Shanghai ASIA- Singapore


Main Office

Via Circonvallazione, 28 ,
30171 Mestre
Venice, IT

Branch offices

Milan, Rome, Florence

+041 2392670
+041 2392600


IT system with certified dedicated CMS - Congress Management System.
Target Motivation holds the certification ISO 9001, obtained from SGS.
Target Motivation uses an organizational and management system which is in line with the Leg. Dec. 231/2001 and with art. 30 of the Leg. Dec. 81/2008
Risk assessment art. 29 comma 5of the Leg. Dec. 81/2008
Assessment of Correlated Work Stress art. 28 Leg. Dec. 81/2008
Application of the Leg. Dec. 196/03 on the protection of personal data

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